Summer 2020 Bible Studies

Topic Outline
Identifying God's Eternal Purpose
Our Human Spirit
The Purpose of Prayer
The Mystery of God's Will Revealed in Ephesians
A Healthy Heart
The Divine Provision and the Divine Government
Learn from Me
Meeting with Others for the Body of Christ
Prayer for the Lord's Return
Seeing the Spiritual Scene
God's Economy: "Christ in You"

Summer 2020 Ministry Series

Topic Outline
God's Plan of Salvation
The Assurance and Security of Salvation
The Mingled Spirit
Reading the Bible
The Blood of Christ
Companions in the Lord
Growth in Christ

Spring 2020 Ministry Series

Topic Outline
God's Selection
Selection Through Christ
God's Economy in His Selection
A Grafted Life
Transformation for the Body Life
Exercising Our Gifts
Receiving the Believers (1)
Receiving the Believers (2)
Receiving the Believers (3)
Practice of the Body Life (1)
Practice of the Body Life (2)
Fellowship of Concern
Concluding Praise
Offering of the Gentiles

Spring 2020 Bible Studies

Topic Outline
The Infinite One
Absorbing the Riches of Christ
The Reality of All Positive Things
Being Made Full in Christ
The Constituent of the Church
A Good Heart of Belief
The Father's Discipline
Serving as a Channel
Gaining Christ
Speaking for God
The Blessing of Abraham
Entering into Oneness
Christ vs. Everything Else
Central vs. Peripheral
Grace from Four Parties
Two Principles of Living
Three Wills in the Universe

Fall 2020 Ministry Series

Topic Outline
The Common Faith
The Bible - Coming to Christ
Life & Light
The Image of God
The Seventh-Day Rest
The Tree of Life
Adam & Eve
The Seed of the Woman
The Salvation of Jehovah
Noah's Grace
Noah's Ark
God's Appearing
The Seed of Abraham

Fall 2020 Bible Studies

Topic Outline
Spiritual Companions
The Marriage of the Lamb
A Genuine Concern
Seeing God and Seeing the Self
Drinking God
God's Mercy
Treasuring the Bible
God's Unfailing Compassions
God's New Covenant
Conference Review
Our Shepherd, Jesus Christ
Forgiveness of Sins
Faith - The Conviction of Unseen Things
Watch Therefore

Fall 2020 Praise & Ministry

Topic Outline
The Three Parts of Man
The Tree of Life
God's Salvation
The Blood of Christ
Christ Living in Us
The Goal of Transformation
God's Building (1)
God's Building (2)
God's Economy
The Churches
Building Up the Church
Building Up the Body

Spring 2021 Ministry Series

Topic Outline
Finding Community
Coming to Christ - The Bible
The Complete Experience of God
Fellowship with God
Persistent Prayer
Offering Up Isaac
Isaac's Marriage
God's House
Wrestling With God
Joseph's Imprisonment
Joseph's Reigning

Fall 2021 Solid Ground

Topic Outline
The Common Faith
The Son of God
God's Excellent Name
The Believers' Portion
The Crucified One
The Shepherd
The Coming King
God's Anointed
God is Awesome
God's Salvation
Caring for God's House
The Most Desirable One
Godly View of Marriage

Spring 2022 Solid Ground

Topic Outline
The Common Faith
Dwelling in God's House
Christ Possessing the Earth
Dwelling in God
God Recovering the Earth
The Eternal One
Divinity and Humanity
The Cornerstone
The Testimony of God
Blessing from Oneness
Psalms 146-150